"No excuses, no delays, no barriers. Start brewing your own beer in your own kitchen, today!"

What is Zero Barrier?

Zero Barrier ("zB") aims to eliminate all barriers between you and brewing beer. While brewing certainly allows for large investments of money and time to brew more, better beer, you don't need to do all that.

zB is a 4-hour, hands-on, live brewing workshop in which you will learn how to brew beer in your home using simple, everyday kitchen tools and utensils you (probably) already have.

Many brewing classes demonstrate the brewing process using specialized equipment in an environment custom-tailored for brewing beer. However, most students don't have such equipment or such a space in which to brew, and aren't willing or able to make the financial commitment required to equip themselves in the same way as shown in these brewing courses.

zB will show you how to brew beer without any such special equipment or a custom brewing space.

Through an emphasis on creative problem solving and improvisation the lessons taught in zB will be immediately applicable to the students' own situation at home. Students will leave the zB course and understand what they need to do to brew beer at home, and how to do it.

zB is not about brewing the perfect beer; it is about brewing YOUR beer!

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Classes are currently being taught in Buenos Aires.

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